2017 Art and Wine Faire Artists


Discover an abundance of handcrafted artisan treasures
at the San Carlos Art & Wine Faire!

More than 250 artisans “pop-up” on Laurel Street and San Carlos Avenue, displaying their works over the October 7 & 8 weekend. Enjoy the fall weather and get some early holiday shopping in while you chat with these talented creators. Learn about their processes and passions, and find that perfect art piece or gourmet packaged food item as a gift for a friend — or yourself! Browsing amongst the arts, crafts and specialty food booths, you’ll find there is something for everyone; whether it be functional or decorative, or a delicious feast for the eyes and palate!

Find ceramics, art glass, metalwork, woodturning, sculpture, jewelry, clothing, toys and wall adornments. Come share the fun faire weekend with friends and family, support makers of handcrafted goods and return home rejuvenated and filled with wonderful memories of all that San Carlos Art & Wine Faire has to offer — including that perfect handcrafted gem!

A sample of last year’s artisans…

Art for the Walls

Kit Knight, Blue Meander

Kit Night

Kit Night loves creating works that lift people’s spirits and help them greet the day. Through luminous oil color, her large paintings of glassware are scintillating and calm, allowing the eye to roam through abstraction and realism. Her plain air landscapes, painted on location, give you a window into nature’s beauty. Kit believes that “art really can help us find our better selves”.

Jason Oliver, Wire Roots

Jason Oliver, Wire Roots

Jason Oliver pushes the limits of industrial art. He starts each piece by cutting and bending thousands of feet of construction grade wire and then transforms the wire into stunning and unique tree sculptures. He is inspired by the dynamic root, trunk and limb structures of the magnificent trees that grace our planet. Jason finds unique and clever ways to repurpose materials and transform them into elegant works of art. His multi-dimensional pieces use sophisticated color palettes and express a windblown aesthetic. Jason strives to connect the observer to the beauty of nature.

Charlotte Mullich-

Charlotte Mullich Art Works

Watercolor artist Charlotte Mullich is inspired by nature. Leaves, twigs, flowers and animals symbolize beauty, surprise, wonder, the fragility of nature, and ultimately, optimism and the renewal of the Earth. She layers rich colors and organic shapes that often create a feeling of movement. “I want my art to create for the viewer a moment to pause and delight in the beauty of nature.”

Marta Collings, Marta Collings Watercolors

Marta Collings loves painting the Northern Californian landscape. Having lived and painted in the Napa Valley for over 30 years, she has plenty of inspirational scenes right in her own hometown. Painting in both oils and watercolors, Marta applies her impressionist style to each of her works by painting wet on wet with rich and sometimes exaggerated color.

Karen Hale-

Karen Hale, Karen Hale Mixed Media

Color, design, texture and palette are the framework of Karen Hale’s abstract paintings. Because of these elements, the viewer knows where to begin the journey of discovery and can easily move around the picture plane to uncover the subtleties and nuances of color and form. Spontaneity is key in Karen’s work, coupled with years of experience. Her sense of design, purpose and knowledge of color — as well as how to use them — are evident in her vibrant paintings.

DB Designs

Julie Bullock, DB Designs

Northern California artist Julie Bullock creates one-of-a-kind glass paintings. Each piece is unique with bursts of color. Julie paints on the back of the glass to create amazing depth in each painting. Her goal is to bring bold color and original art into everyone’s home to enjoy.

Heather Roberson, Heather Roberson Photography

Sonoma County photographer, Heather Roberson, strives to capture the natural beauty of California and beyond. “Photography is a powerful medium and my choice for creative expression.” Heather says. “It has the amazing ability to convey emotion and feeling to the viewer. It can transport someone to a time and place as if they had been there themselves. I can take my love for nature and put that in an image to share with the world.”

Dimensional Art

Steven Albanares

This acrylic display, size 24″ x 30″, contains some of the world’s most colorful, exotic butterflies. For over 27 years, Steven Albaranes has had the privilege of working with these incredible butterflies. He purchased them from commercial breeding farms overseas — the same farms from where most of the world’s museums get their specimens. These butterflies have a lifespan of about three weeks and live out their natural life on these farms. Once Steve receives them, he preserves and mounts them in these beautiful, clear lucite acrylic displays for a lifetime of enjoyment. The Art and Wine Faire gives him the opportunity to share these incredible butterflies with the hundreds of people who stop by. 

Ratertashe, Ratertashe Bots

The artist Ratertashe creates paintings and sculptures with a focus on pop art, designer art toys and street art. Making the robot artwork less whimsical and more relatable to fans, along with a deep passion for art, is what drives this artist to create every day.

For the Kids

Ray and Diana Shockey, The Bubble Maker/Shockey Designs

Ray and Diana Shockey live in a small mountain community at the gateway to Yosemite National Park in California. They have been California artists for 37 years, making and selling durable copper bubble wands and bubble party packs. They are also the original creators of the “Bubble Flute.” Their copper wands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some are packaged into gift packs ready for any occasion, providing fun for the whole family to enjoy!

Doug Gold, The Woodsman

Doug Gold, The Woodsman

Doug Gold has been making Baby-Safe and Earth Friendly Toys in a rainbow of colors since 1986 and putting smiles on faces — both young and old — for over 30 years! He recalls the first time a pregnant mom came into his booth in San Carlos and patted her tummy, recounting how happy his toys made her as a child, and how she’ll soon get to share that enjoyment with her newborn! In that moment, Doug knew he’d chosen the right path in life. He’s looking forward to working on his 3rd generation of fans!

Functional Pieces

Miki Shim-Rutter, 2Frogs Ceramics

Miki Shim-Rutter, 2Frogs Ceramic Arts

After 20-plus years working as a professional graphic designer, Redwood Shores resident, Miki Shim-Rutter of 2Frogs Ceramic Arts has rekindled her passion for ceramics. Her recent works represent the delicate balance between craft and fine art, and are inspired by her cultural background, which is rich in ceramic artistry and contemporary interpretations. She can be found teaching classes and workshops, and exhibiting locally, nationally and internationally.

Terry Mar, Maraku Pottery

Maraku Pottery is unique handmade Raku pottery by Terry Mar. Each piece is designed to have striking colors and textures, based on the different types of clay that are used. Terry has been making pottery for 30 years and continues to experiment with textures that are particularly uncommon in the world of pottery.

Ardeth Sealy

Ardeth Sealy

Ard Sealy has always had a passion for working with wood. From making wooden block toys as a child to furniture as an adult, he was always intrigued by how a lathe would create different wood designs. His acquired his first lathe 15 years ago and it was then that Ard found his passion for creating different designs in wood. He uses wood from his “urban forest”, trees or limbs that have been cut down in the neighborhood. He greatly enjoys the process of converting a piece of wood headed for the landfill into a beautiful piece of art. He recently has expanded his creations to including, not only functional pieces, but also turnings with a more sculptural design or with the addition of painting and carving.

Dana Miller, Lovey Bug Designs

Dana Miller of Lovey Bug Designs has been creating one of a kind, heirloom quality quilts since 2009. Over the years, she has spent a lot of time perfecting her quilting skills. Her quilts are all designed, created and quilted by Dana in her home studio. She loves creating special quilts for people to enjoy — especially children! She also creates designer-quality handbags and accessories.

Louis Chiccone, Lou’s Lights & Accessories—Industrial Designs

Industrial Light Designer Louis Chiccone enjoys re-purposing and restoring antique and salvaged items into one-of-a-kind lights. As a self-taught artist, he brings his distinctive eye for detail and creativity to every project — balancing form and function. These unique statement pieces evoke memories of the past with a nod to the future.

Tony and Kathy Ma

Tony Zhao & Kathy Ma, HolidayPop

Tony and Kathy’s family passed onto them a path of Chinese traditional scissor art. It was part of their daily routine until they entered the workforce as adults. Now they are bringing back the memories and starting a new chapter, using their talent in a modern way, and in a modern time. Their art works consist of cards made of paper that have delicate three-dimensional, collapsible figures when they unfold. Tony and Kathy want their art works to surprise every time they are opened.

Creations for the Body

Angela Flaviani, Bottega Flaviani

Made by the two hands of one artisan, Bottega Flaviani is an artisan workshop devoted to making finely crafted leather handbags and accessories, while honoring traditional leather working techniques. Angela Flaviani has complete 360 degree involvement in every design, from the initial design to making the pattern and selecting the leather. Those same two hands hand-cut, hand-sew, and hand-finish each creation, one piece at a time.

Kateryna Golovanova, KG Threads

Kateryna of KG Threads creates woven and knitted accessories. All of her products are made with natural fibers, such as merino wool, viscose and cotton. Kateryna chooses fibers wisely to avoid an itchy texture and ensure softness and comfort. She loves to play around with colors and textures and gets a lot of her inspiration from nature. Kateryna believes there is nothing like the warmth and coziness of a handmade scarf or shawl!

William Fitzpatrick, uniqueFitz

uniqueFitz is a screen printing company as unique as its customers. They specialize in printing limited run t-shirts, tote bags, hoodies, and more. Its founder William Fitzpatrick is a screen-printer based out of Alameda, CA. All of his designs are handmade and printed by himself. William’s designs are a bit eclectic. Some have vintage and retro themes, others are just wacky ideas from his creative mind. His goal is to provide high-quality handmade designs that will make your friends jealous!

Specialty Food

Gary Riccomi, Primo’s Gourmet Food

When Gary founded Primo’s Gourmet Food in 1999, he was already a spice hobbyist, developing mixtures that would work well with his favorite kitchen toy at the time — a  dehydrator. With garlic as his choice pet ingredient, he loved working to develop and balance flavors. Spices, seasoning, rubs, and dip mixes are still cornerstones of Primo’s fine offerings, and garlic… Well, it is in just about each and every one of Primo’s over 60 incredible food creations.

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