Discover an abundance of handcrafted artisan treasures
at the San Carlos Art & Wine Faire!

More than 250 artisans “pop-up” on Laurel Street and San Carlos Avenue displaying their works over the Faire weekend. Enjoy the fall weather and get some early holiday shopping in while you chat with these talented creators. Learn about their process and passion and find that perfect art piece or gourmet packaged food item as a gift for a friend, yourself, home or office. Browsing amongst the arts, crafts and specialty food booths there is something for everyone whether it be functional or decorative, a delicious feast for the eyes and palate.

Find ceramics, art glass, metalwork, woodturning, sculpture, jewelry, clothing, toys and wall adornments. Come share the fun Faire weekend with friends and family, support makers of handcrafted goods and return home rejuvenated and filled with wonderful memories of all that San Carlos Art & Wine Faire has to offer, including that perfect handcrafted gem!


Art for the Walls


Richard Curtner, collage

As a California artist, Richard Curtner has created unique artwork for thousands of clients across the country, blending his artistic talents with his passion for the written word. Every detail in the collage is an individual cut out. Nothing is painted on or manipulated with a computer. The end result is a distinctive form of artwork in which you can see something different every time you look at it.



Donny Hahn, paintings

Bay area painter Donny Hahn feels fortunate to have been a part of many changes in San Francisco and how those have influenced him as a person and a painter. His original oil on canvas works include California landscapes and abstract expressionism. His philosophy on life: “Keep your life simple and your mind complex. In other words, read, look, listen, absorb, and most importantly, express!”



Georganna Dean, photography

Photographer Georganna Dean has participated in juried art shows throughout California & the western states for over 25 years. After years of making photographs in a traditional “wet” darkroom, she made the move to digital printing. Her work is an attempt to capture the beauty, feeling & mystery in everyday scenes.



Lance Mackenzie, collage out of watch pieces

Lance Mackenzie of Time Craft Designs creates framed wall hangings from old watches. By disassembling them and rescuing old watches and re-purposing their parts outlined with aluminum wire, he creates unique timepiece hanging art designs that are sure to add charm to your wall and spark a lively discussion.


Dimensional Art

Ken and Ingrid Hanson, glass

Local glassblowers extraordinaire, Ken and Ingrid Hanson have worked together since their early college years. Although traditional Italian and Swedish glass-blowing techniques inspire them, they employ a bold and innovative color palette to create their unique and contemporary art glass.

“We constantly strive to evolve our ideas to create unique and exciting works of art in glass.”


Andy Byrne, sculpture

Andy Byrne’s creative sculptures are informed by his interest in and experience with a wide range of media and methods. Andy fuses his desire to use recycled materials with the permanence of metal for his fine art pieces. Using scrap metal in an untraditional manner, he makes interesting and provocative pieces out of these simple components. Every piece is a unique creation!

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Diane Cull, fiber

Diane Cull, maker of exquisite dolls, specializes her talents creating witches, wizards, Santas and elves. Her unique creations are constructed of fabrics, clay, lace, feathers, recycled fur, vintage jewelry, beads, ribbons, found treasures, charms and buttons. Each creation always includes a few lady bugs for good luck and perhaps a dragon fly, spider or frog.



Steve Snyder, sculpture

Steve Snyder is a self-taught sculptor who hopes his work can spark internal dialog or self- examination. Each creation may be examined as an emotion, explored as a physical condition, or simply admired. He is amazed by the various insights and the range of emotions that people gather as they view his work.

Functional pieces


Rose Lee, ceramics

Bay area potter Rose Lee uses exploration in clay with a focus on high-fired stoneware and porcelain to create unique pieces. The subtle rhythmic patterns and diverse colorations found in natural land formations, sea and sky scapes around the country, and the beauty of living creatures, have been hugely influential to her work.



Denise Best, fiber

Denise Best, D Best Quilts As a self-taught fiber artist she is the sole creator; from concept to design and construction. Denise creates products from fun fabrics, items such as quilted table runners, pot holders and the like along with leashes/collars and bandanas, etc. for adored fur friends.




Earl Enriquez, furniture

Industrial artist Earl E Enriquez of 3ENOVATION focuses on bringing the industrial to his one-of-a-kind creations. “This is what I see in trestles, bridges and railroads. Decades of reliability, they serve their purpose. They endure the cycles of seasons and weather, the traffic and usage through them. Structures that suit and enhance their surroundings by design, yet with purpose. And many times because of their presence, they become icons….These are the designs I want to bring inside the home.”


Bryce Prusse, woodwork

Woodworker, Bryce Prusse is a pen maker extraordinaire. He discovered his passion for woodworking after making his wife a coffee table for their first anniversary. After some begging and pleading, he purchased a lathe and started creating pens finding it exciting and fulfilling to watch a pen come together from beginning to end. Using unique materials brings Bryce joy just in the manipulation of them but also in seeing everyone’s reaction to the materials, from the alligator’s jaw bone to the mini pine cones cast in colorful resin.


Creations for the Body

Ling-Yen Jones, jewelry

Mendocino County jeweler Ling-Yen Jones enjoys working mainly in silver, semi-precious stones, and pearls. Her style ranges from the traditional to the modern, and is completely unique. All of her pieces are individually handmade, and are therefore one-of-a-kind or in small series with repeating motifs. Jones defines jewelry as creations, which are useful, artistic, symbolic, identifying, and an expression of personal ideas.


Lydia Choi, hair accessories

Lydia Choi finds the simple and pretty in ordinary things. She designs her hair adornments with a touch of whimsy and homage to the romance of weddings. It was while helping a childhood friend plan her wedding that the idea of opening Poppyhearts started to bloom. Professionally trained as a graphic designer she discovered it was challenging finding classic, elegant accessories for a bride and her bridesmaids. Poppyhearts’ designs meet that need for the bride or any person looking for something lovely to wear.


Lisa Candee, totes

Lisa Candee of Earth’s Sister hails from the San Francisco Peninsula, where she hand designs, creates and sews one-of- a-kind take-a-longs including market bags, carryalls, totes and more. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted from new-life and repurposed locally sourced fabrics. Functional, durable and comfortable, they have plenty of pockets; everything has a place, to keep you organized for errands or throughout your busy day. They will become your very favorite!

For the Kids

Susan and Ted Kienitz

Susan and Ted Kienitz, create Daisies Hooded Animal towels using high quality terry cloth in a variety of colors, along with buttons, felt, ribbons and other trims. Their high quality products are designed with their own original patterns and are crafted with pride. You and your child will adore bathtime!



Rubina Coton, children’s clothing

Rubina Coton is an accomplished seamstress with 20 years experience. Using vintage patterns to create children’s clothing, she has found a great way to please parents as well as the children with her charming line. Her beautifully detailed children’s designs are definitely a hit at festivals.


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