2019 Art and Wine Faire Artists and Craftmakers



Discover an abundance of handcrafted artisan treasures
at the San Carlos Art & Wine Faire!

More than 250 artisans “pop-up” on Laurel Street and San Carlos Avenue, displaying their works over the October 12 & 13 weekend. Enjoy the fall weather and get some early holiday shopping in while you chat with these talented creators. Learn about their processes and passions, and find that perfect art piece or gourmet packaged food item as a gift for a friend — or yourself! Browsing amongst the arts, crafts and specialty food booths, you’ll find there is something for everyone; whether it be functional or decorative, or a delicious feast for the eyes and palate!

Find ceramics, art glass, metalwork, woodturning, sculpture, jewelry, clothing, toys and wall adornments. Come share the fun faire weekend with friends and family, support makers of handcrafted goods and return home rejuvenated and filled with wonderful memories of all that San Carlos Art & Wine Faire has to offer — including that perfect handcrafted gem!

Art for the Walls

Jill Mahanna

Jill Mahanna is an oil painter who resides in the Sierra Foothills, where she has painted the landscape for 25 years. Her work is colorful and dynamic, embodying the vibrancy of her natural surroundings. She creates joyful, spontaneous worlds in which to move, wander, and climb. Intuitive brushwork and multiple layers of paint create an environment in which the viewer may lose themselves for a moment and return feeling inspired and enlivened.

Mary Stein is a self-taught artist specializing in abstract acrylic painting. Her original, bold pieces intrigue collectors and art neophytes alike. Her work exudes a confident, playful perspective that is inspired by motherhood, the beauty of nature, and the allure of creative expression.

Lisbet Kemp, architect, artist and intuitive counselor, creates her ‘Intuitive Life Paintings’ based on intuitive readings of people’s lives. The themes of her paintings include our life journey, a very detailed painting of important moments in our lives as well as resources and possibilities. At San Carlos Art & Wine Faire, it will be possible to get a half hour intuitive reading including a small painting, made simultaneously, of moments of your own life journey.

Katrina Hendrix’s work documents everyday objects and places in acrylic and oil paint. She is known for her colorful small scale art in the representational style. Hendrix lives and works in Pacifica, California.  

Patrick Hobbie“Art is anything that makes you feel something…it can inspire and maybe make our lives a little more beautiful. I hope to evoke these emotions with my art.

Hilary Williams creates complex multi layered screen prints that convey real and surreal landscapes and characters. As a native from the Bay Area her themes and inspirations are drawn mostly from Northern California’s picturesque scenes.

Scott Cilmi

Abstract painter Scott Cilmi is a mixed media artist incorporating oil, acrylic, enamel with various additives to create colorful, textural, atmospheric works. The paintings create an energetic vibration and an atmospheric quality using color and mark making. They are visual poems.

Dimensional Art

Yves Goyatton is French born. His current body of work represents his fascination for architectural shapes and their juxtaposition with human form. His work has taken this concept literally, combining the human form and the abstracted shapes of modern architectural landscapes. Yves’ work refers to man in an architectural, urban, social environment. “In most of my work, I combine my own sense of aesthetic and concept with the intention to generate an emotional response. Sometimes I try to raise consciousness about a subject that has touched me, or it can be the result of a process where I found satisfaction in a refined aesthetic.”

Driven by the definition of sculpture as “something you back into when looking at a painting,” Rob Nehring tries to engage his audience with humor found in the personality of ordinary objects. The characters featured in Rusty Noodle Studios are created overall from 99% recycled materials. Through found scrap materials, Rob lets the materials dictate what they will become.

For the Kids

Mara Murray/ZOOMEEZ are colorful whimsical menagerie of fleece animals and characters. All hand-made in San Francisco by me. For the inner child in us all. Safe for any age.

The Woodsman has been creating Baby-Safe, Earth Friendly wooden toys since 1986. We have always chosen natural materials made or grown in the USA for our handmade children’s wooden toys. We are proud to say we’ve been “Green” since day one. We make baby-safe handmade wooden trucks, handmade wooden trains, planes and custom heirloom toys upon request. We also make personalized wooden clothes racks and matching wooden bookends in a variety of designs.

Functional Pieces

Bay Blown Glass hand crafts one of a kind sculptures and glassware for the world to enjoy!  Dana Rottler and Peter Stucky, since graduating from California College of the Arts, have formed a partnership inspired by the San Francisco Bay Area’s city-landscape, culture, arts, and community.  We were drawn together by our passion for glass as a material and thus each piece we create is uniquely made with care.

Glass Artist Kirsten Yankish has had a lifetime love of Glass Art and has developed a beautiful line of  Glass Home Decor. My Art is an eclectic blend of various forms of Glass Art. I value Art that is both beautiful and functional and so my Art reflects this. Stained Glass windows, Suncatchers, Jewelry boxes, and Candle Holders all reflect the light like prisms. The Grateful Dead has a place in my booth from Glass Mosaic Pictures, Tables, Lighting, or Boxes. Each is a reminder of good times and awesome music. Fused Glass is beautiful in its own right and encompasses Dichroic Jewelry, Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets. From the garden to home decor, to Jewelry to lighting I think Glass Art has a place in everyone’s home.

Krupa Paranjape : “After design school I worked as a textile designer & color consultant for 12 years, but I always dreamed of doing something on my own. In 2015, I started my own line of unique handmade home products and accessories inspired from nature that blend art and design. My approach is greatly influenced by Japanese philosophy of ‘Mottainai’ and five ‘R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair and Respect. All my products are designed and handmade by me at my small home studio in Mountain View, CA.”

Ken and Ingrid Hanson are a husband and wife glass blowing team who have been working collaboratively for over ten years. Together they create hand blown art glass
that is both unique and contemporary.

Creations for the Body

Young Mo Hong: “I am a street artist and have been working in the San Francisco area for 7 years. All of my works are hand made with leather as the main material. I design these myself, making different styles of bags, journals (with handmade paper) and leather accessories (bracelets, necklaces, etc.).  All are traditionally hand-stiched with creative and luxurious designs.”

Tanja King of Minibee Beauty, a local San Carlos residence, started making soaps and lotions in 2010, “A hobby gone Wild!”  Her focus is making quality products, from the natural ingredients all the way to the packaging.  She takes pride in what she does!

Susan Moon Bobbitt and John Bobbitt of New Traditions Jewelry have been making quality jewelry together for over twenty five years. Jewelry from New Traditions features gemstones and 14K gold or sterling silver. Our timeless designs blend tradition with art, using classic prongs and simple lines to emphasize the natural beauty of each gemstone. Each design is original and produced using casting techniques. Jewelry is available as earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. This photo is of our three stone dangle earring, available in a variety of gemstones, set in 14kt gold or sterling silver.

Specialty Food

At Small Batch Jam Co, our promise to you is that our small batches of all natural, hand-made fruit preserves are made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from fresh fruit stands, farmers markets and hardworking growers while using the same home-style cooking and canning techniques that your grandma used. But don’t worry, we won’t tell her you like ours better… Enjoy!!