Discover an Abundance of Handcrafted Artisan Treasures at the San Carlos Art & Wine Faire!

More than 250 artisans will “pop-up” on Laurel Street and San Carlos Avenue, displaying their works over the October 12 & 13 weekend. Enjoy the fall weather and early holiday shopping while you chat with these talented creators. Learn about their processes and passions, and find that perfect art piece or gourmet packaged food item as a gift for a friend — or yourself! Browsing among the arts, crafts and specialty food booths, you’ll find there is something for everyone; whether it be functional or decorative, or a delicious feast for the eyes and palate!

Find ceramics, art glass, metalwork, woodturning, sculpture, jewelry, clothing, toys and wall adornments. Come share the fun Faire weekend with friends and family, support makers of handcrafted goods and return home rejuvenated and filled with wonderful memories of all that San Carlos Art & Wine Faire has to offer — including that perfect handcrafted gem.


Below are just some of the fine artists that will be there…


“My oil painting style uses dozens of layers of  very thin, transparent colors in between layers of clear lacquer. The finished result are paintings that capture a lot of detail and have a warm luminous glow.” Joe Marshall Art CHUBANATOR
An industrious soul who runs on the joy of creativity at his very core, Chuba Oyolu is formally trained as an Engineer and Scientist but is also a serious artist. He mainly works on large scale murals and original canvas paintings that are all part of an elaborately large body of work. He strives to connect his African heritage and search for excellence with his artistic exploits all while delighting the onlooker with dazzlingly bright colors and his own unique sense of individuality. Chuba Oyolu (2) FOLLOW THE SUN
My inspiration comes from moments of connection to my surroundings – the life, the colors, the energy. I translate these moments into paintings that are true to their subjects, yet enhanced with an expression of my personality – using bright colors and flowing lines. I believe that nature has the ability to teach us many life lessons if we allow it. The oceans, rocks, and trees are symbolic, and the animals we share the world with are much like us. Anastasiya Bachmanova JANINE SALZMAN FINE ART Art opens your heart to the beauty of every day life.  To share this truth with you through my paintings adds meaning to my life and hopefully the life of others.” Janine Salzman MEADOW ROSE PHOTO ART
A Husband and Wife Product line: Meadow’s digital photographs & Andy’s wood work. Images printed on wood, allows for the grain to show through and enhance the style and composition of the print. A wide variety of sizes and styles. Meadow Rose Photo RESINATING WAVES Sarah Logue, a West coast resin artist whose passion for the ocean inspires her to create works of art that show depth & movement.
“I believe everyone has a unique connection with the ocean, I try to translate mine into my art”. Sarah Logue DOMINIQUE BLANCHARD Rooted deeply in the Earth, The Tree of life stretches its branches to the sky, bridging the Earth, and Celestial powers, sustaining life with Fruits and Oxygen, Evoking Spiritual growth, Rebirth and individuality. The Tree of life teaches us hope and wisdom, which is the Essence of Life. Dominique Blanchard


CORNELIA GOLDSMITH Cornelia Goldsmith is a jewelry designer and goldsmith for more than 20 years. Her work is both delicate and powerful and often encompasses organic forms inspired by the natural world. Her workshop/showroom is based in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood and is open by appointment. Goldsmith 6 MONKEYS AND CO 6 Monkeys and Co is a family company specializing in creating handmade clothing for children. They focus on classic styles, using high end fabrics and trims and take great pride in their work. Custom orders for all occasions are a welcome part of their niche market. We’re very excited for the San Carlos Art and Wine Faire! Pererson SIMPLY ESSENTIAL WARES Lisa Candee is a native to San Francisco – Since 2015 I design and hand make one of a kind CarryAlls, Totes, Purses and Small take-alongs from Cotton Canvas, Wool, Linen and Silk. All my designs have plenty of colored pockets, loop for eye glasses, place for keys.and a button closure. All messenger bags include a buttoned interior sleeve to fit an  electronic device or extra pair of shoes for your daily commute. Candee MINIBEE BEAUTY Tanja King of MiniBee Beauty, a local San Carlos residence, started making soaps and lotions in 2010, “A hobby gone Wild!”  Her focus is making quality products, from the natural ingredients all the way to the packaging.  She takes pride in what she does! Exfoliate~Detox~Moisturize! TANYA (2) SIMPLY ESSENTIAL WARES Rachel Wobrock of Simply Essential Wares (or SEW for short), is using her passion of sewing to design and create unique, one-of-a-kind, reversible aprons for adults and children.  These aprons come in an assortment of fabrics, designs, colors, textures and styles to suit a variety of tastes. Rachel



“In 2002, Simon Calcavecchia moved to Australia to follow his dream of playing rugby.  After his third game of the season, he was injured in a scrum leaving him with c5/6 quadriplegia.  Now, Simon has become a children’s book author and a motivational speaker. He visits schools in order to teach a story of perseverance, growth mindset, and acceptance of others. The messages in his books are meant to inspire optimism and strength when facing life’s challenges. By sharing his stories, Simon hopes that children and adults will see that they have a choice to see their challenges as opportunities for growth.” Candy Monster Books

DIMENSIONAL ART                                                                                        

HANSON AND KASTLES Ken and Ingrid Hanson are a husband and wife glassblowing team who work out of their San Carlos, California studio. This year they will be displaying their hand blown decorative art glass vases, bowls, lamps and drinking glasses.  They will also be showcasing a variety of their hand blown glass pumpkins in a rainbow of colors, designs and sizes. One of their newest glass pumpkin designs is the “California Poppy” pumpkin. Having both grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area and living close to Half Moon Bay, the couple is inspired by the multitude of pumpkins that grow here in our bay area. INGRID (2) REN LEE Elemental earth and fire are the inspiration for my sculptural figures, relying primarily on color and properties of clay bodies and how they evolve in a soda atmosphere kiln at cone 10. My subjects are the felt presences of nature and dreams, lingering impressions never fully in focus, as Please stop by my booth and see for yourself! REN LEE LAURETTE AND CO.
I love Christmas and all of the decorations and energy associated with the holiday. Most importantly, family and friends being together. I created my personalize family trees so someone would purchase a truly unique gift. I use a couple of different techniques to create trees with various backgrounds. I love working with my customers as we make the faces come to life with their families names written on them. LAURETTE


VENDETTA CERAMICS Karen and Evee Snell discovered their passion for ceramics together during a mother-and-daughter wheel throwing class. Experimenting with textures, layering, carving and other decorative techniques is Karen and Evee’s favorite activity! They love using their imaginations to create functional, unique ceramic pieces that others will enjoy for years to come. SNELL IRONSIDE PIPES Handcrafted in Northern California’s Gold Country, these sturdy pipes are a reproduction of an 80’s era pipe I’ve enjoyed for many years.  I haven’t seen another since so I am crafting them for others to enjoy!  All pipes are created with sustainable North America with a beautiful mahogany inlay,  then rubbed with beeswax. Pipes are palm sized,  tip-proof,  break-proof and discreet, with lid for travel.  No two are identical and all are made with the same great care.  Carry pouch included.   JUDKINS FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PARCHMENTS
For over 22 years, Margaret Dorfman has transformed over 45 different varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables into vessels, food safe glass serveware and jewelry.  They are formed into translucent vessels,annealed to glass for functional, food-safe glass serving pieces, or fused to copper and joined to gold silver and gemstones to make earrings necklaces and cuffs.  Her multi-step process permanently preserves the jewel like color and unique botanical structure of each different fruit and vegetable.  Most fruit and vegetables are  sourced  from local farms. dorfman KILEENS GARDEN BOUTIQUE
Kileens Garden Boutique specializes in vertical succulent gardens! The frames are hand made from repurposed cedar, then planted with living succulents and tucked in place with sphagnum moss. Care is minimal and these beautiful arrangements will last for years.  We have many shapes to choose from-letters, hearts, crosses, birdhouses and more. At the event we offer complimentary, custom planting . Choose your frame, choose your succulents, and we will plant the arrangement for you ! We also offer shipping in the US. KILEENS


At Small Batch Jam Co, our promise to you is that our small batches of all natural, hand-made fruit preserves are made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from fresh fruit stands, farmers markets and hardworking growers while using the same home-style cooking and canning techniques that your grandma used. But don’t worry, we won’t tell her you like ours better… Enjoy!! small-batch-jam-co-300x200 TERRI SUE’S TOFFEE At Terri Sue’s Toffee we use the best quality and freshest ingredients. Every batch is hand stirred, hand chopped, and hand packaged to insure you receive the highest quality product possible. We use locally grown nuts whenever possible including walnuts, pecans, almonds and pistachios. Our traditional toffee is topped with local walnuts. TERI SUE SHAMPA’S PIES
Shampa’s Pies is a thriving small business in the bay area. Our goal is to bring you delicious, fresh, and great pies that will brighten your day. Any pie that you don’t see on the menu doesn’t mean we can’t make it, and we’ll try our best to make you the pie you need. We also can make vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, or any sort of pie that fits your dietary restrictions.  SHAMPA